The Abundant Life Podcast for Moms is a real life, real faith conversation for moms seeking the abundant life Jesus has for us! We are moms who love God and know we need his help to have joy-filled homes and raise kids who are life-long Christ followers.

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Episode 22 – How to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord – Mom life is busy and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be lacking in joy. Join Kristen as she explains how to enjoy the “glory days” of motherhood, and learn from King David’s struggles to find strength in those moments where it may be failing. In every episode: A blast from the past Mom Moment and an essential Bible Reading tool! 

Episode 21: Dishing with Katie J. Trent – Join Kristen as she chats with friend Katie J. Trent about her new book Dishing Up Devotions. The interview focuses on how to combine life, cooking, and teaching our children about Jesus all into one easy activity. You’ll love Katie and her new book! Plus, Katie shares her own Mom Moments and Mom Must Haves

Episode 20: Marriage – Building a Life and a Legacy – Marriage is so much more than just the wedding day! A Godly marriage is all about building one life from the lives of 2 people. Kristen reflects on this in light of her 14th wedding anniversary. Plus, a “kids say the darnedest things” Mom Moment and a new author Mom Must Have.

Episode 19: Prayer for Back to School with Steph Thurling, Part 2 – Continuing the interview with Steph Thurling from the Raising Prayerful Kids ministry, Kristen and Steph discuss ways to help cover your kids in prayer while they’re at school, as well as ways to help your kids pray for themselves at school. And, the Mom Moment and Mom Must Have are vacation themed!

Episode 18: Raising Prayerful Kids with Steph Thurling, Part 1 – Join Kristen as she interviews her friend Steph Thurling, Co-founder of the Raising Prayerful Kids ministry. Get some great advice for teaching kids of all ages to become prayerful kids. Also, Steph shares one of her Mom Moments and a couple of her Mom Must Haves.

Episode 17: When You Have an Epic Mom Fail – All moms mess up, but it’s what we do AFTER we mess up that makes a difference. Join Kristen as she shares one of her mess ups and how to handle them to keep the power of God flowing in your life. Plus, a messy Mom Moment and an epic Mom Must Have. 

Episode 16: Jesus, Take the Wheel…in my Parenting! – There’s nothing like motherhood to make you feel overwhelmed and underqualified! But thankfully, we have a God who stands ready to “take the wheel” for us. Find out the key to unlocking God’s strength for us as mothers. Also, enjoy a sweet Mom Moment and Mom Must Have!

Episode 15: Keeping the Faith When Our Kids Struggle It’s hard to see our children suffer, but God is always in control: of our lives and our kids’ lives. With God’s word and his help, we can remember this and keep the faith even when our kids struggle. Also, don’t miss this episode’s Mom Moment and new Mom Must Have!

Episode 14: Trusting God with Our Kids We may easily say we trust God with our kids, but when we see them struggle or watch them be sick, is saying that so easy? In this episode, Kristen provides encouragement and truth for moms to reassure them that yes, God can be trusted with our kids. Plus, another funny Mom Moment and a cleaning Mom Must Have.

Episode 13: How to Read the Bible with Your Kids –  Moms who are believers want to raise kids who choose to be believers too, and part of that is teaching them to read the Bible. Kristen shares tips to read the Bible with your kids and help them understand and apply what they read. Plus, a “Mother Goose” Mom Moment and Kristen’s favorite iced coffee drinks.

Episode 12: The Joy of the Lord is My Strength–What does that mean anyway? As she wraps up her series on worship, Kristen takes a look at the popular song “The Joy of the Lord is My Strength” by Rend Collective. What does it mean? How can we be strengthened by joy? Kristen dives into the word to answer those questions and more. Plus a spring-related Mom Moment and an essential summer Mom Must Have.

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